SAMSUNG annonce une fonction d’interface LTE/Réseau de radiocommunication conforme au standard 3GPP

Samsung has announced that it plans to launch an interface function based on 3GPP standards allowing interoperability between LTE public safety networks and existing private radio networks.

Samsung said the solution will be the first 3GPP-compliant interface system that will provide interoperability between push-to-talk technology (MCPTT) and private radio networks, including DMR and TETRA. The solution will be software-based and can be installed in data centers, said Timothy Paul, Sales Director for Network Operations at Samsung Electronics America, in a blog post.

Paul wrote that in addition to interoperability, public safety networks require capabilities that go beyond voice communications and that support faster transmission of multimedia content. To meet these needs, the solution requires priority and secure access based on tokens and device authentication, as well as broadcast capabilities.

"Through pre-commercial testing and validation of its 3GPP standard-based LMR private radio network interface function, Samsung has identified key benefits for operators and public safety agencies," wrote Paul. “This includes flexibility to scale from radio networks to LTE public safety networks. Additionally, public safety organizations will benefit from increased reliability and improved overall communications performance during their missions. "