MCPTTstore engage une démarche RSE et rejoint la communauté LUCIE

The LUCIE adventure is underway for MCPTTstore, which has just joined the LUCIE community, thus marking the start of our CSR approach. Three members of our team will be trained soon for a labeling objective TOUMAI in January 2022.

The objectives of the CSR commitment of MCPTTstore are from :

  • Set up a responsible governance.
  • Respect human rights.
  • Develop relationships and responsible working conditions.
  • To preserve the environment.
  • Develop ethics in business relationships.
  • Respect interests of consumers and clients.
  • Aim for the local development and the general interest.

Thanks to this commitment to the TOUMAÏ labeling process, MCPTTstore is determined to progress in all aspects of CSR.