Prés de 1000 déploiements de réseaux mobiles privés dans le monde

Nearly 1000 deployments of private mobile networks worldwide

The number of 4G/LTE and 5G private mobile network deployments worldwide has reached XNUMX according to a new report from the Global Mobile Su...
Ruggear annonce le lancement du RG750 puissant smartphone Push to Talk conçu pour les communications pour missions critiques

Ruggear announces the launch of the powerful RG750 Push to Talk smartphone designed for mission critical communications

The rugged smartphone is compatible with global LTE networks and designed for emergency communications. RugGear, one of the main develop...
Réseau Radio du Futur (RRF)

What is the Radio Network of the Future?

The Radio Network of the Future (RRF) is a new mission-critical communication system designed for public safety and security services.
Qu’est-ce que le MCPTT ?

What is MCPTT?

MCPTT is a push-to-talk-over-cellular standard developed by 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Program), the global body that oversees...
Siyata Mobile présente un nouveau produit MCPTT, le SD7

Siyata Mobile presents a new MCPTT product, the SD7

SIYATA MOBILE has announced a new screenless smartphone: the SD7, already available on MCPTTstore. This new product meets the MCPTT standard. They...
Calendrier des prochains évènements MCPTT

Calendar of upcoming MCPTT events

Find the MCPTTstore partners and all the MCPTT technology through numerous exhibitions and conferences organized this fall in ...
RugGear : L’avenir des communications critiques et la vision du marché

RugGear : The Future of Critical Communications and the Market Vision

Interview with Martin Haaf, CEO of RugGear the
Already known as one of the leading international developers and manufacturers of smartphones and tablets for extreme business use, RugGear is becoming an increasingly important player in the field of critical communications.