Prés de 1000 déploiements de réseaux mobiles privés dans le monde

Nearly 1000 deployments of private mobile networks worldwide

The number of 4G/LTE and 5G private mobile network deployments worldwide has reached XNUMX according to a new report from the Global Mobile Su...
TELOX lance un nouveau modèle de radio : le TE320

TELOX launches a new radio model: the TE320

Discover the main features of this latest born on MCPTTstore. The TE320 operates through the global LTE network and has a...
Sonim Technologies lance le Smartphone 5G XP10

Sonim Technologies launches the 5G Smartphone XP10

The Sonim XP10 is now available in Europe. Sonim's XP10 is the company's first device that combines the benefits of an ultra...
Ruggear annonce le lancement du RG750 puissant smartphone Push to Talk conçu pour les communications pour missions critiques

Ruggear announces the launch of the powerful RG750 Push to Talk smartphone designed for mission critical communications

The rugged smartphone is compatible with global LTE networks and designed for emergency communications. RugGear, one of the main develop...
Airbus, Capgemini ainsi qu’Atos, Orange et Bouygues Telecom remportent le marché public du Réseau Radio du Futur

Airbus, Capgemini as well as Atos, Orange and Bouygues Telecom win the public contract for the Radio Network of the Future

Today, October 13, 2022, the Ministry of the Interior and Overseas selects this consortium as the integrator of lot 2 of the Fu...
Réseau Radio du Futur (RRF)

What is the Radio Network of the Future?

The Radio Network of the Future (RRF) is a new mission-critical communication system designed for public safety and security services.
Qu’est-ce que le MCPTT ?

What is MCPTT?

MCPTT is a push-to-talk-over-cellular standard developed by 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Program), the global body that oversees...
Hytera lance la radio Push-to-Talk over Cellular PNC360S

Hytera launches Push-to-Talk over Cellular PNC360S radio

To simplify business communications, Hytera launches the PNC360S smart radio. Latest PoC (Push to Talk Over Cellular) radio...
Inrico lance la nouvelle radio PoC T710A

Inrico launches the new PoC T710A radio


Using 4G and WLAN networks, the T710A PoC radio combines group instant communications and multimedia applications well.

Intégration du Aina PTT Voice Responder avec le Boxchip S900A Plus

Integration of the Aina PTT Voice Responder with the Boxchip S900A More

Le Boxchip S900A Plus is now fully integrated with the Aina PTT Voice Responder for optimal UHF/VHF dual-mode use – Solution ...
L'industrie se dirige vers la 5G privée pour accélérer le changement numérique

Industry moves towards private 5G to accelerate digital change

As fifth-generation mobile networks roll out, carriers say the blazing-fast speeds of...
L'ETSI publie une norme sur la sécurisation des smartphones

ETSI publishes a standard on securing smartphones

Today, smartphones and tablets are fundamental to citizens and contain a wide range of user data and applications ...