Telo Systems devient Telox

TELO SYSTEMS changes its name and becomes TELOX. This change of image is a continuation of the range with products 100% dedicated to "push to talk" technology.

A complete product line

TELOX offers a complete range of products suitable for all types of business sectors. In this range we find four flagship products, the 390 TELE without a screen for classic push-to-talk use, the TELO 580P a smartphone with a reduced size allowing the use of business applications, the premium smartphone the TELO 590P with its large screen and its group selection dial. For use in a vehicle or in an office base, TELOX proposes the TELO M5 a tactile vehicle mobile with an integrated antenna system meeting the requirements of professional use and also the TELO M6 vehicle equipment with google services.

Listening to market requirements

In perpetual evolution and attentive to the demands of a continuously evolving market TELOX has established itself as a key player in the field of push to talk!