Sonim Technologies lance le Smartphone 5G XP10

Le Sonim XP10 is now available in Europe. Sonim's XP10 is the company's first device that combines the benefits of an ultra-rugged device with the speed and performance of 5G.

The XP10 is not just a rugged phone. Its protective shell is lighter and sleeker, allowing it to fit comfortably in a pocket. Its 5000mAh battery guarantees great autonomy. Several successive teams can use the same radio without recharging being necessary. Its battery being removable, it is possible to replace its discharged battery with another fully charged battery, thus guaranteeing continuity of activity in its work, which reduces work interruptions. Teams can be operational throughout the day without interruption. Sonim is a leader in audio quality and continues to improve the audio experience with the XP10. Even in the noisiest work environments, workers can hear better and be heard more clearly with 100dB+ speakers featuring Goodix noise and echo cancellation technology.

"The XP10 is built to meet our customers' demands, and our customers are amazing," said Robert Reeve, vice president of international sales. appearance, simplify the way of use and improve overall efficiency.The XP10 stands up to the daily trials while keeping field teams connected, which is a requirement, not an option, for those working in extreme conditions”.

Le XP10 suitable for someone who tends to damage their smartphones, works in unpredictable weather conditions, performs physical work or needs to achieve instant and reliable communications with their team. Glove-friendly shield allows construction workers and linemen to work outdoors. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, disinfecting phones in medical facilities has become standard practice. The XP10 can be sprayed, immersed and rigorously cleaned in soap and water or with harsh chemicals, such as isopropyl alcohol or bleach, to ensure it is fully sanitized. For industrial workers who spend most of their time in the shop, the XP10 is pressure and puncture resistant.


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