Qu’est-ce que le MCPTT ?

MCPTT is a push-to-talk-over-cellular standard developed by 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Program), the global body that oversees LTE/5G standards.

Devices using this standard offer voice quality, performance and reliability that is even better than Push to Talk over Cellular (POC) applications available on the market today. The overriding objective of the MCPTT standard is fast and secure communication between team members, especially in crisis situations or in critical work areas.

For a better understanding, MCPTT is the combination of two words: MC for Mission Critical and PTT for push-to-talk.

What is meant by “Mission Critical”? It is a piece of equipment, an application, which is essential to the survival of a person, a company or an organization. Thus, when the “mission critical” system fails or is interrupted, the “missions” carried out by professionals are strongly impacted, which can endanger a person. This is referred to as a “critical mission”.

Le “Push to Talk” is a conversation method based on the press of a button (PTT) to switch from receive mode to transmit mode.

Thus, for a product to be considered MCPTT, it must offer several prerequisites that meet the critical voice communications requirements of public safety organizations: high reliability, low latency, clear audio quality, support for individual and group calls, speaker identification, direct communication between devices, emergency calls…

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