PRYME élargie sa gamme d'accessoires Push-to-Talk pour radios et smartphones LTE

With a long history of pioneering audio innovations, PRYME remains at the forefront of manufacturing radiocommunication solutions dedicated to professionals. The latest new product launches continue to surpass industry standards and solidify PRYME's position as a frontrunner in PTT accessory technologies.

Dave George, Chief Technology Officer and President of PRYME Radio, clearly states the company's philosophy: “PRYME product development is fueled by emerging customer needs, ensuring our offerings consistently exceed evolving market demands.”

PRYME's extensive portfolio of wired accessories includes the ultra-rugged, water- and dust-resistant Storm Trooper® SPM-4200 Series powered micro speaker. Available with USB-C or Lightning connectors, this versatile accessory is compatible with leading PTT over cellular (PoC) applications, transforming smartphones and tablets into efficient two-way radio solutions.

Their recently launched DMC-1F3-USB desktop microphone is specially designed for supervisory consoles using two-way radio or LTE/3G/4G mobile networks. This new table microphone equipped with a PTT connection and two programmable buttons for supervision software, illustrates PRYME's desire to provide tailor-made solutions to professionals.

Among PRYME’s new products, the mini wireless PTT button BT-PTT-Z-HD is a very popular accessory for optimizing PTT applications. This new waterproof version of the PTT button is ultra-resistant and complies with IP67 waterproof and dustproof standards, guaranteeing performance in extreme environments. New wireless PTT button BT-PTT-Z-SMART allows you to control Bluetooth volume and select channels. Both buttons automatically pair, offer versatile attachment options and leverage technology Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE).

“Radio users are a diverse community with unique and varied needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all users,” Mr. George said. “At PRYME, we recognize that the key to providing exceptional accessories lies in understanding the distinct requirements of each industry.”

PRYME Radio accessories are used by many industries such as public safety, government, security, hospitality, retail, construction, education, warehousing, logistics, aviation, health. With its new range of Push-to-talk products, PRYME ensures that every end user will find the right PTT and PoC accessory to meet their specific needs.

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