Les capacités Push-to-Talk Over Cellular du Sonim XP8

Whether on site, on the road or on the production line, the simplicity and reliability of Instant Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications are essential to ensure critical communications. PMR radio systems are often considered the simplest answer when it comes to PTT, but with huge advancements in cellular communications, PTT over Cellular (PoC or LTE radio) technology has become a must-have solution and complementary for critical mobile communications

Sonim's ultra rugged XP8 has PoC and smartphone capabilities providing critical industries with more than just radio communication.

Develop and improve communication for a more efficient response with PoC or LTE radio.

The interoperability provided by a rugged mobile device with LTE radio capabilities, like the Sonim XP8, extends the communication opportunities that are inherently limited by a traditional PMR network, allowing for a more efficient response.

Using Sonim's powerful XP8 smartphone as an LTE radio solution allows users to communicate and connect with other Wi-Fi enabled devices and Bluetooth, such as pedestrian cameras and wireless headsets to send and receive information. These devices natively provide location information and can also receive images and video streams, providing better situational awareness.

Designed to withstand and perform in the harshest and most extreme working conditions and environments.

Like all devices sound, the Sonim XP8 is designed, manufactured and tested to industry-leading rugged performance standards, including:

  • Military ruggedness standard
  • Completely sealed against dust and microparticles (IP-6x rated)
  • Fully submersible in fresh water and harsh chemical cleaners such as bleach
  • Pressure washable for deep cleaning and disinfection
  • Shock, vibration, drop and impact resistant
  • Pressure resistant
  • Operational in extreme temperatures and above

The heavy-duty performance of the XP8 is backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty that remains valid even after the use of strong cleaners and disinfectants such as bleach or isopropyl alcohol.

Additional features such as a dedicated PTT button provide instant communications without the need to unlock the device or launch an app like consumer smartphones. The XP8 also has an emergency button that will instantly alert emergency services.

Accessory supports

Sonim Accessory Partners provide premium products that work with Sonim's PTT compatible devices and the SecureAudio connector

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Why the SONIM XP8?

While Sonim has other Push to Talk enabled devices, like the ultra rugged XP5, the XP8 is a great solution for those who want sophisticated smartphone features in addition to the instant communication provided by an LTE radio.

The PTT, SOS and volume buttons and controls on the sides of the XP8 make fast communication intuitive and efficient. In addition to the easy-to-access buttons and controls, the device features ultra-powerful speakers and a secure audio connector that keeps your audio accessories in place while you work.

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