Le nouvel Aina Smart Button pour une utilisation simple et discrète

The smart button AINA PTT (AINA Smart Button) is intended for users who need simple and discreet push-to-talk communication.

Based on customer feedback, AINA has made changes from the old model to improve the overall user experience with the new PTT button design: the position, shape and color of the three buttons on the device have exchange. Users can now easily press and distinguish buttons in their daily work or during emergency situations.

The improved design of the device adapts better to the grip of the device, eliminating the chances of it slipping for example.

The new model of the AINA PTT smart button has an accelerometer. This means that it will be able to detect changes in movement and include Lone Worker Protection (LWP) features, increasing user safety. As with the AINA PTT Voice Responder, the new AINA smart PTT button is a reliable and high-quality device for intensive daily use.

The target of the AINA smart button are particularly users who need a simple and discreet PTT device such as security forces for example.