Inrico lance la nouvelle radio PoC T710A

Using 4G and WLAN networks, the PoC radio T710A combines instant group communications and multimedia applications well.

Inrico, a leading global provider of business wireless communications, including Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) terminals, dispatch stations and management software, recently unveiled the T710A, a new addition to its PoC wallet, with a value proposition offering an optimal balance between affordability and functionality.

Using 4G and WLAN networks, the PoC radio T710A combines instant group communications and multimedia applications well.

The radio offers loud and clear sound, intuitive operation, location sharing, instant messaging, long battery life and other versatile features. running under Android OS, it is a cost-effective choice for logistics companies, property management, supermarkets, hotels, industrial parks, etc.

"Designed specifically for businesses and organizations that need a reliable, easy-to-use communications tool, the T710A embodies our concept of 'need and value'. The radio offers necessary and valuable features for collaboration and communications daily professional reviews to improve performance and security at an affordable cost", said Mr. Pan, CEO of Inrico, recomurging this new model to boost team productivity.

Compact and slim, one-handed operation

This PoC radio is compact and small, you can easily put it in your pocket or hang it on your belt or shoulder. It can be used with one hand. Dedicated PTT and programmable buttons are ergonomically laid out for ease of use.

OS Android with Openapp Ecosystem

Users can access any app in the Google Play Store. The integrated hardware and software module support high value-added functions such as NFC and Man-down.

Accurate tracking and tracing

GPS location of staff can be tracked instantly on Inrico iConvNet™, an AI-enabled convergent communication and dispatching software, with a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Clear sound

The T710A is equipped with a 2W speaker and enhanced noise canceling features to bring clarity to every conversation. Audio is clearer and louder than traditional walkie-talkies, which often have static interference issues.

Many connectors and accessories

The T710A has a physical PTT button, which is essential for critical business communications. It also comes with several auxiliary connectors that are essential for the proper functioning of your business such as a Type-C connector, an earphone connector and a multi-desktop charger.


The radio is rated IP54 (waterproof and dustproof) and has withstood numerous quality tests such as salt spray, plugging and unplugging, 400 key presses and a drop of 000, 1,2 meter.


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