Création de l’ACMOSS : l'Agence des Communications Mobiles Opérationnelles de Sécurité et de Secours

For many years, the fire, rescue and security services have been working on the Future Radio Network (RRF) and its operation by a dedicated operator: theACMOS.

ACMOSS, provided for in the latest orientation and programming law of the Ministry of the Interior, has the task of setting up the new operational communications network for the security services. Placed under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, this public administrative establishment of the State is responsible for ensuring "the design, deployment, maintenance and operation of very high-speed shared critical mobile communication services for the sole needs of security, rescue, protection of the population and on-demand crisis and disaster management missions the State, local authorities, fire and rescue services, emergency medical aid services and any public or private body entrusted with a public service and general interest mission in these areas".

Its board of directors brings together all the communities of users and subscribers of the RRF, in order to guarantee that the needs of users are constantly taken into account. It is made up of seventeen representatives of the State, including that of the National Gendarmerie, five representatives of local authorities and fire and rescue services, one person qualified in the areas of competence of the agency and one representative of the staff.

Aimed at replacing the obsolete means of communication of the security and emergency forces, the RRF will use very high speed 4G and 5G technologies, and should be deployed ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.